To get started, download the slides posted below and listen to audio details about the challenge you are interested in. Then, let them know which challenge(s) you’ll be participating in and they’ll get you hooked up with the appropriate sponsor(s).

Listen to the Intro to the Challenges here

1. Life Sciences / Pharmaceuticals (Teva sponsored)

Build an app for simplifying project/content management

2. Infrastructure (Bentley sponsored)

Build a mobile app for 3D model based infrastructure (bridges, buildings) inspections

3. Water & Utilities (Ben Franklin Technology Partners/SEP sponsored)

Build a mobile app for water quality

Slides describing the challenges:

In each track, hackers will engage with companies to understand:

    • Industry Overview
    • Key Technology Trends
    • Business Opportunities
    • Available Systems and Data
    • Possible Solutions
    • Stakeholders Who Judge Success
  • Submissions

Submissions, due April 19, shall include:

    • Track you are submitting to
    • Challenge you are addressing within the track
    • Description of the prototype you have built
    • Up to 7 screen shots of your app
    • Detailed plan for building out the first release of the product
  • Business model for commercializing the product